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Monday, 22 January 2018

Do I Need To Fear From Google Speed Algorithm For Mobile Webpage

Well, a few days back Google again announced an exclusive update that specifically focuses on downgrading all such mobile webpage that takes too much time to open. According to this exclusive updates made by Google on speed attributes, it’s estimated that by mid of July 2018, website loading speed will be treated amongst the most crucial ranking dimensions for mobile searches. So, if you come across queries, like Do I need to fear from Google speed algorithm for mobile web pages, then it’s casual though to come. Let’s delve into the details to know whether this update will affect you or not.

Google approximates that this exclusive speed algorithm will only affect those mobile web pages that fail to deliver a fast experience to their respective users. Additionally, they also stated that it will only affect in very fewer fractions, but no one knows what’s that small percentage will going to be.
Google makes it very clear that only slow pages need to worry about a downfall in mobile SERP’s for slow speed. However, your slow page may also rank high, if it contains high-quality, and of course a relevant content. On the other hand, there’s no other benefit for responsive design. It’s just a penalty for being so slow!

This Google Speed Update not only force developers to work on responsive designs, and simultaneously encourage them to analyze all such factors and metrics that affect user’s experience while loading their designs on mobile. Although, there’s no such tool available in the market that can approximate adverse effects of this new speed algorithm. However, you can take help from some reliable resources that can be used to analyze the performance of the page. Here’s they are,

Lighthouse: It’s a kind of an automated tool that’s also an important part of Chrome Developer Tool. Basically, it is used to audit the quality of the target web page by checking its performance and accessibility aspects.

Page Speed Insights: It’s another tool that’s used to optimize the performance aspects of the target webpage, and give relevant information about the page performance on Chrome UX Reports.

Chrome User Experience Report: This report includes real data of all key users from popular destinations on the web, based on the estimation made by real Chrome users.  

Now, it’s time to wind up! At last, we can say that Google will only focus on AMP to judge for speed instead of canonical mobile URL. On the other hand, Google will rely on canonical mobile URLs to value all available search engine results parameters, whether its links or contents. So, your web page needs to be super slow to get impacted by this update.  It’s what we call a Breath of Relief!

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