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Tuesday 16 April 2019

We all take great care in designing our website and see that it is Search Engine Optimised (SEO). But, what if a particular feature you think impacts the SEO but turns out to be of no use, it is disappointing. Such is the case with Google’s recent announcement of retiring rel=next and rel=prev also known as ‘pagination’.

What is Pagination?

For those who are not familiar with pagination, here is a small description.

Pagination is adding consecutive numbers to web pages with content to make them more user-friendly. Generally, long-articles are broken down and paginated to make them easy to read for the readers.

Google’s Sudden Announcement:

In a recent interview, John Mueller, the senior webmaster trends analyst at Google announced that the search engine will no longer support pagination (rel=next and rel=prev). He had, in fact, stated that they have recently realized that pagination was not being supported for some years now. Hence the sudden announcement to the community.

Will It Affect Your SEO?

Mueller says that there is no need to worry about the announcement. He says, if what you have been doing with pagination has not caused any trouble then it is fine to continue it. Also, he said that there is no need for removing all the pagination and having one giant page.

He recommends not to discontinue pagination yet. Though there will be no problem with Google, other search engines use pagination for different activities. So, it still has relevance with other search engines.

On Crawling Issue:

For the majority of the websites, the retirement of pagination is not going to have an impact on crawling of Google bots. If you find such issues, Mueller recommends using third-party tools to solve the issue.

No Need To Worry:

In the end, there is no need to worry over Google’s announcement. Pagination, now may not be useful as an SEO tool, but it certainly has benefit in the form of user-friendliness. Use it appropriately and make your content reader feel comfortable.

Tuesday 12 February 2019

Google Search Console - A Key SEO Ingredient To Boost Traffic

Google keeps its search results ready with the most up to date content. For you, keeping relevant content will get you a position in the first page of the search results. But often, you find that though you are putting relevant content, your page is not turning up on the first page.

To aid you in solving the problem, Google came out with Google Search Console. This free tool is a web manager’s best friend and a website owner’s gateway to more traffic and business growth.

Originally known as the Google Webmasters Tool, it was renamed as Google Search Console.

What Does It Do?

As per Google, the search console helps you 'monitor and maintain’ the presence of your website in the web browser’s search results.

In general, showing up in a search result doesn’t require you to sign up for this tool. But doing so will help you understand how Google is viewing your site. With the insights, you can optimize your site for better results.

What Will Happen When I Sign Up?

Once you sign up, you will get a thorough analysis of your site. Like how Google crawls your site; which type of content is performing and bringing in traffic; which indexed links are broken and much more.

With the console you can know which search query led the user to your site; manage content which you do not want Google to show in search results; resolving malware issues and spams etc.

All you need to do is input your sitemap and URLs in the console for Google to crawl and let it present you a thorough analysis report.

Also, it will notify you of any issues that are hampering the website’s progress. Once the issues are fixed, Google crawls through your website afresh.

Mobile Optimization

In this age of mobile internet usage, finding whether your site is optimized for mobile or not is an added advantage. The search console has a feature that enables you to do this.

The Mobile Usability Report of the console shows pages in your site that have usability issues on mobile devices. In the report, you can clearly see how many URLs in your site are affected by this problem. Fix the issues and ‘validate & update Google’ to let it do its job.

One drawback is, it gives limited results. Analysis for only 1000 URLs is available with the search console.

Boosting Traffic

Nevertheless, the search console’s analysis is your best means to boost traffic. Being a free tool, it has some limitations but working on the issues reported will definitely drive traffic.

Plenty of alternatives are available in the market for search console, yet it is one of the key SEO ingredients for boosting traffic at no cost. Particularly useful for small sites and businesses with limited capacity to purchase tools.

If you have an SEO manager at service, make sure that the console is activated for your site and see your traffic grow.

Tuesday 6 March 2018

Yes, you heard it right! By the end of 2018, Google Assistant will soon recognize your native language to give you a more personalized experience. In Google’s recent update, the company mentioned that the Assistant will be fledged with 8 new languages to make the count up to 30. Isn’t it a big new? So, from now onwards, you can speak in Hindi, Swedish, Dutch, Thai, Danish, Norwegian, and Indonesian in its first crop. What be the Eighth One? It’s still a mystery! Apart from this, it will also offer support individual support in multi-lingual aspects. In its first interval, multi-lingual support will be offered to the three languages of international level, i.e; German, English, and French.

Now, the question arises, will it be beneficial for SEO point of view or it’s just an update. Continue reading the post to get the answer.

Get Deeper Assistant Integrations:

It’s Google’s New Plan! It’s planning to integrate deep insights for Assistant not only on Android Phone but also with mobile carriers and Pixels, as well. At present, LG, Xiaomi, and Sony are a few devices that are fledged with this facility. Thus, from now onwards, carriers will be authorized to make use of this new feature to answer user’s queries in one go.
Isn’t it a good new? Yes, of course! Now, carriers will be able to offer instant support to the users in Zero response time. As per SEO point of view, it will be beneficial. How? Let’s wait and watch.

More Reminders & Routines To Follow:

Yes, Google is planning to expand its reach for routines and reminders. You will be able to access six more routines by the end of 2018. Google doesn’t explain much about it. But, according to the Digital marketing experts, users will be able to use location-based reminders that they set their Google’s Home. But, it’s only applicable when your phone is at some other place that’s related to your reminder.

Isn’t it hard to grab? It’s okay! Let’s understand this with the help of an example. Suppose, you set a reminder for a shopping list that includes grocery items, clothing, etc on Google’s Home. You will only get reminder notification when you are standing in a grocery store or any clothing stores.

Now, Is there any relevance for SEO? Let’s wait to see whether this update will be a beneficial update or not. Are you looking forward to getting more news/ updates? Then, stay connected with Flawless India Blog. We are full of exclusive updates to let you aware of your surroundings.

Friday 16 February 2018

Is it taking too much time to reconcile your business’ financial statements at the end of the year? Are you bound to forecast your product’s sales more on guesswork as compared to solid figures? You aren’t able to keep a track record of orders from your customers, and this is impacting your reputation in the market? If answers all these questions end with a BIG Yes, and if this sound exactly to your business, then it’s the Right Time To Call For A Reliable ERP Development Company!

Since every business is unique in its own kind, so one can’t forecast when one will need ERP. But, if your business is witnessing such types of issues frequently, then maybe it’s the right time to think about ERP.  

 ERP Development

When Your Business Sales & Customer Expectation Suffers Simultaneously 

As the business grows, inventory management is considered among the biggest challenge that a business has to deal with. Thus, it’s necessary to make sure that the right products are stocked at the right placed, and at the right time to enhance your business sale status. Usually, it’s observed that when businesses separately maintain customers’ data, sales sheets, and inventories, then they have to witness serious synchronization issues.
Let’s understand this aspect with the help of an example. Suppose you are run out some of your popular products, then it will affect your sales. Your popular product’s sales will be off till you will receive your next shipment and if, in meanwhile, any of your customer call to inquire about their orders and if your employees aren’t able to track status of their order, then your business will start losing its reputation in terms of reliability and services as well.
On the other hand, with a good ERP framework, every individual will get access to each section simultaneously to stay updated. Now, it becomes easy for your business representatives to answer customer’s queries without putting them on long holds to check the status with another department. Albeit, if customer’s want can check the status of their shipment on their own with a good ERP framework.  

When Your Business Is Too Complex To Handle

One among the biggest nightmares of running multiple systems over single business is its IT management. System’s customization, integration, and maintenance along with exclusive upgrades can be complex, costly, and sometimes a time-consuming event.

Although, if your business’ patchwork revolves around legacy business software and other on-premise business software, then in such cases usual system upgrades can cost more as compared to the new purchase. That’s the only reason why most of the small-size businesses have to depend on the outdated version of their business software to run day-to-day operations.

ERP development can give your business the amount of agility so that it can quickly respond to every changing need in one go, instead of adding more software or complexity to an already insufficient system. That’s why going with an ERP development company like Flawless India is critical. With Flawless India’s ERP development services, system update is not an issue. Although, you can easily add new functions to your business whenever there’s the requirement.

If you want to learn more about why a reliable ERP Development Company like Flawless India is the Only choice to run your business effortlessly, then Click on Link. 

Friday 9 February 2018

Today, voice search is counted among those interesting features that need no introduction. Its interest among users is increasing with a swift rate, and all credit goes to the exclusive technology that’s standing behind the voice search services, whether it’s Siri, Google Home, Alexa, Google Assistant, or Microsoft Cortana. As soon as they are improving the technology, it will become a more reliable feature to use. However, as per the estimations it’s observed that this quizzical feature covers almost 20% of the search queries that mostly originate from smartphones. Thus, if it will re-invent SEO in future and become a must-have trend to follow, then it can’t be denied at all.

Prior knowing impacts of Voice Search on SEO in 2018, we want you to know how a search engine will think.

Now, it’s hard to fool search engine! They become more sophisticated as compared to the past, especially with the Google Hummingbird algorithm update. It explains the meaning behind the search. However, in accordance with the exclusive survey made by Facebook IQ, it’s observed that people all around the world are swiftly moving towards voice-enabled Intelligent Personal Assistance. It’s quite hard to believe, but India wins the race by gaining 55% of the votes and defeat popular tech-savvy countries including US (46%), Germany (28%), and Canada (27%).   

Yes, it’s true. Most of the people prefer voice search more, and all credit goes to its direct result delivery practices.  

Following verdicts of Mary Meeker, a renowned venture capitalist from America, voice and image search will dominate almost 50% of the search queries by 2020. That’s the only reason why digital marketing experts are ready to take benefits of voice search in SEO.

Why Voice Search Is Gaining High Popularity?

The only reason why voice search is gaining high popularity is that they are more natural and intuitive as compared to the text search, and that’s the reason why voice search is representing itself as the exclusive trend to be followed in 2018 as per SEO point of view.

Focus More On Questions:

Questions that are started by “Why”, “What”, “Where”, “Who”, “When”, and “How” will help search engine to understand user’s queries more, and give them specific results in voice searches. People are more curious to know the world around them. Thus, being a marketing expert, you need to focus more on the question if you are planning to work according to voice searches and consider it an exclusive SEO trend to follow.

Include Local Listing:

It’s the second important aspect to rank high in voice searches. Thus, marketing experts need to emphasize on local business listing in their SEO strategies to meet user’s search needs. Confused?
Let’s take an example to explain this. Suppose, if a user types “best place to hang out near me”, then Google will map a list of destination that is locally famous for hangouts. However, as per search experts, on an average 50% of people search local business every day using voice search feature via their mobile.

Emphasis Keyword Length:

Keyword length, it is given the highest priority by SEO Experts which performing voice searches. Why it’s because most of the impressions and clicks were received from keywords that are 1-3 words long. It’s quite strange as the length of the questions is using more than 3 words. That’s the reason, why you need to target long tail keywords to optimize your site according to voice search.
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Thursday 8 February 2018

In the world of digital marketing, some new will introduced each year to meet convenience aspects of online users, whether it’s exclusive SEO trends to follow, new technologies, or it’s Google algorithm updates, all are needed to followed to shape future your digital business.  So, want to know, what will be trending in SEO for this year. Here’s the list. Go and explore!


It Will Be Chosen First For Good Visibility In Search Results!

If you will say that 2018 will be the year for Mobile SEO, then can’t be denied at all. It’s not a new thing! However, it’s well forecasted by Google, the famous search engine giant that mobile searches will dominate desktop search. According to the survey made by Bright Edge last year, 58% of the genuine traffic will come from mobile devices. It’s all due to mobile-first indexing, according to which Google will only rank those websites in search results whose content is optimized in accordance with the mobile responsiveness.  

Video & Image Search:

It Will Bring User Engagement Up To The Next Level!

In past a few years, it’s observed that online interactions with the target audiences are becoming more viral as compared to the usual ones. With the introduction of digitization, a rapid engagement is witnessed in media channels that more support visual friendly contents; all credit goes to the availability of faster internet speeds. In accordance with the latest survey, it’s observed that almost more than 50% of customers prefer video contents from their favorite brands. It gives a boost to the video and image search, and enable marketing professionals to deliver an engaging video content to increase their ROI. That’s the reason, why video & image search gets a place in DigitalMarketing trends to be followed in 2018.

Local Search:

Give Your First Preference To Your Local Audiences!

Google will prefer local listing more to rank the site locally. Thus, we recommend you to list your business in popular local business listing sites to grab huge traffic from local searches. Thus, will going to be considered among the must-follow trends to follow in 2018. That’s the reason why SEO experts start listing their business in local listings to directly reach their local audiences. So, prepare yourself to follow this exclusive trend to rank high in local search results.

Voice Search:

It’s Will GROW Simultaneously With Featured Snippets!

It’s analyzed that 20% of search queries will come from voice searches. It expected that a sudden rise will be expected in 2018, and all credit goes to Google Assistance Devices. Thus, if the number in voice search will increase, then it obvious to witness a rise in FeaturedSnippets. However, it’s estimated that if this trend continues for a few more months, then featured snippets will make their place in organic listing. So, let’s see what will happen!

Artificial intelligence:

It Will Be Power Other Important Aspects Of Search Queries!

Google is planning to embrace the concept of Artificial Intelligence in its search algorithms. By this means, it will become quite difficult to predict the search results. It’s not good for Digital marketing experts. But, AI won’t bring any changes to the long-term SEO practices. It will remain same for this year too. Thus, you need to prepare yourself to optimize AI, if you want to rank your sites in 2018. You must be wondering to know, why? It’s because, it’s already handling 15% of the overall search queries, and it’s estimated the number the percentage will rise rapidly in future. 

That’s all! Want to find out more? Then, follow us. Flawless India will keep on updating more trends to follow in 2018 to rank high in Google search engine results. 

Friday 2 February 2018

Last year, Google’s snippets function was questioned by market researchers for the purpose of displaying offensive results in search queries. This incident force Google to work on its existing snippets function and their recent blog post confirmed that they had already taken the necessary initiatives. With their Blog post, Google announced that they had successfully tested several options, including “close match” to meet the search query. Basically, it’s the indication that Google will show more than one snippet that related to the existing search query. So, this is what we are going to see in Google’s snippet function in 2018.     

What’s Close Match?

It’s nothing to discover! Basically, it includes all such snippets that are close to your search queries. That means, these snippets may not bring you to the page you searched for, but, on the other hand, they will give you all such information that is relevant to your search. To explain this, Google shares examples of a few searches. Here, we are only going to take one example to explain you better.

If you type “How did the Romans tell time at night?” then you will see a snippet that gives all information on the sundial, which is somehow related to your search query. It's answer to the question, “How did Romans tell time?” But, you can’t deny that Google isn’t answering your query. It is representing all such results that can you can easily relate to your queries.

Still, Confused? Look at the following images to clear your confusions, 

“There are several other aspects that publishers want to cover. We are employing our best possible efforts to meet user’s visibility concerns and to achieve this, we are providing access to the users from multiple available resources,” quoted by Mr. Matthew Gray, an active member of Google’s software engineer team.

Observing the whole discussion, our Digital Marketing experts at Flawless India come to the conclusion that Google itself seems confused to comment on the concept of featured snippets. They want users to submit their feedbacks simply clicking the given “Feedback” link under this newly introduced feature of the snippet. They simply want to collect feedback so that they can further improve it.

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