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Thursday, 8 February 2018

What Will Be Trending in 2018 For SEO

In the world of digital marketing, some new will introduced each year to meet convenience aspects of online users, whether it’s exclusive SEO trends to follow, new technologies, or it’s Google algorithm updates, all are needed to followed to shape future your digital business.  So, want to know, what will be trending in SEO for this year. Here’s the list. Go and explore!


It Will Be Chosen First For Good Visibility In Search Results!

If you will say that 2018 will be the year for Mobile SEO, then can’t be denied at all. It’s not a new thing! However, it’s well forecasted by Google, the famous search engine giant that mobile searches will dominate desktop search. According to the survey made by Bright Edge last year, 58% of the genuine traffic will come from mobile devices. It’s all due to mobile-first indexing, according to which Google will only rank those websites in search results whose content is optimized in accordance with the mobile responsiveness.  

Video & Image Search:

It Will Bring User Engagement Up To The Next Level!

In past a few years, it’s observed that online interactions with the target audiences are becoming more viral as compared to the usual ones. With the introduction of digitization, a rapid engagement is witnessed in media channels that more support visual friendly contents; all credit goes to the availability of faster internet speeds. In accordance with the latest survey, it’s observed that almost more than 50% of customers prefer video contents from their favorite brands. It gives a boost to the video and image search, and enable marketing professionals to deliver an engaging video content to increase their ROI. That’s the reason, why video & image search gets a place in DigitalMarketing trends to be followed in 2018.

Local Search:

Give Your First Preference To Your Local Audiences!

Google will prefer local listing more to rank the site locally. Thus, we recommend you to list your business in popular local business listing sites to grab huge traffic from local searches. Thus, will going to be considered among the must-follow trends to follow in 2018. That’s the reason why SEO experts start listing their business in local listings to directly reach their local audiences. So, prepare yourself to follow this exclusive trend to rank high in local search results.

Voice Search:

It’s Will GROW Simultaneously With Featured Snippets!

It’s analyzed that 20% of search queries will come from voice searches. It expected that a sudden rise will be expected in 2018, and all credit goes to Google Assistance Devices. Thus, if the number in voice search will increase, then it obvious to witness a rise in FeaturedSnippets. However, it’s estimated that if this trend continues for a few more months, then featured snippets will make their place in organic listing. So, let’s see what will happen!

Artificial intelligence:

It Will Be Power Other Important Aspects Of Search Queries!

Google is planning to embrace the concept of Artificial Intelligence in its search algorithms. By this means, it will become quite difficult to predict the search results. It’s not good for Digital marketing experts. But, AI won’t bring any changes to the long-term SEO practices. It will remain same for this year too. Thus, you need to prepare yourself to optimize AI, if you want to rank your sites in 2018. You must be wondering to know, why? It’s because, it’s already handling 15% of the overall search queries, and it’s estimated the number the percentage will rise rapidly in future. 

That’s all! Want to find out more? Then, follow us. Flawless India will keep on updating more trends to follow in 2018 to rank high in Google search engine results. 


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