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Friday, 2 February 2018

Snippets: What New Will Google Bring For Snippets in 2018

Last year, Google’s snippets function was questioned by market researchers for the purpose of displaying offensive results in search queries. This incident force Google to work on its existing snippets function and their recent blog post confirmed that they had already taken the necessary initiatives. With their Blog post, Google announced that they had successfully tested several options, including “close match” to meet the search query. Basically, it’s the indication that Google will show more than one snippet that related to the existing search query. So, this is what we are going to see in Google’s snippet function in 2018.     

What’s Close Match?

It’s nothing to discover! Basically, it includes all such snippets that are close to your search queries. That means, these snippets may not bring you to the page you searched for, but, on the other hand, they will give you all such information that is relevant to your search. To explain this, Google shares examples of a few searches. Here, we are only going to take one example to explain you better.

If you type “How did the Romans tell time at night?” then you will see a snippet that gives all information on the sundial, which is somehow related to your search query. It's answer to the question, “How did Romans tell time?” But, you can’t deny that Google isn’t answering your query. It is representing all such results that can you can easily relate to your queries.

Still, Confused? Look at the following images to clear your confusions, 

“There are several other aspects that publishers want to cover. We are employing our best possible efforts to meet user’s visibility concerns and to achieve this, we are providing access to the users from multiple available resources,” quoted by Mr. Matthew Gray, an active member of Google’s software engineer team.

Observing the whole discussion, our Digital Marketing experts at Flawless India come to the conclusion that Google itself seems confused to comment on the concept of featured snippets. They want users to submit their feedbacks simply clicking the given “Feedback” link under this newly introduced feature of the snippet. They simply want to collect feedback so that they can further improve it.

However, if you found yourself confused with Google the featured snippet, and faced difficulties to find out what’s going? Then, we recommend you to follow Flawless India on Facebook to know all latest updates. 

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