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Saturday, 27 January 2018

Beta Live Update: Google Search Console Is Now Available For All

Google released Beta version of its exclusive feature, Search Console which is now available for everyone who already has verified access to its basic version. You can avail benefits of Beta Live Update only if you see your verified sites on its “Search Properties” list. Now, you must be wondering to clear a few of your doubts like, Can I Use Search Console? Are there any Criteria to use its Beta Live Update? If yes, then what’s that? Search Console is for everyone! If you have a website, then you can access this features for free. There’s no hidden cost. Continue reading to get answers to your questions.

Business Owners:

You can employ experts to set up Google Search Console with your website. It’s the own kind of benefit that business owners have. But, if you want to stay updated with your website’s performance, then you can use search this feature, even you don’t know much about it. You can verify your site performance in the respective search result. Apart from this, you can also control performance reports of your website on your own.

SEO Specialist:

If you are concerned about your digital marketing practices, then search console will help you to monitor your SEO Activities, ranging from rank optimization to ongoing traffic of your website. This feature also helps marketing experts to make informed decisions to improve their website’s visibility in search engine results.  

Site Administrator:   
It’s like a jackpot for you, if you play the role of a site administrator. Being a site admin, it’s obvious to be curious about the operation of your website. It allows admin easily fix all types of server issues, whether it’s related to security or website load time. You can also use this amazing feature to stay updated with the site’s search performance attributes.

Web Developer:

Being a web developer, it’s very important to code your website with no markup issues. But, creating a website with zero bugs is next to impossible. But, with Search Console, it becomes quite easy for web developers to monitor basic issues or errors made while building codes for their website.

App Developer:

Search Console will help you to integrate your website and app together within minutes. It’s the best way to keep a strict eye on the user activity to find out the ways they use to reach your app by Google Search.

It’s time to explore benefits of Beta Live Update of Google Search Console. Let’s start it!

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