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Friday, 9 February 2018

Why Voice Search Become A Popular SEO Trend To Follow in 2018

Today, voice search is counted among those interesting features that need no introduction. Its interest among users is increasing with a swift rate, and all credit goes to the exclusive technology that’s standing behind the voice search services, whether it’s Siri, Google Home, Alexa, Google Assistant, or Microsoft Cortana. As soon as they are improving the technology, it will become a more reliable feature to use. However, as per the estimations it’s observed that this quizzical feature covers almost 20% of the search queries that mostly originate from smartphones. Thus, if it will re-invent SEO in future and become a must-have trend to follow, then it can’t be denied at all.

Prior knowing impacts of Voice Search on SEO in 2018, we want you to know how a search engine will think.

Now, it’s hard to fool search engine! They become more sophisticated as compared to the past, especially with the Google Hummingbird algorithm update. It explains the meaning behind the search. However, in accordance with the exclusive survey made by Facebook IQ, it’s observed that people all around the world are swiftly moving towards voice-enabled Intelligent Personal Assistance. It’s quite hard to believe, but India wins the race by gaining 55% of the votes and defeat popular tech-savvy countries including US (46%), Germany (28%), and Canada (27%).   

Yes, it’s true. Most of the people prefer voice search more, and all credit goes to its direct result delivery practices.  

Following verdicts of Mary Meeker, a renowned venture capitalist from America, voice and image search will dominate almost 50% of the search queries by 2020. That’s the only reason why digital marketing experts are ready to take benefits of voice search in SEO.

Why Voice Search Is Gaining High Popularity?

The only reason why voice search is gaining high popularity is that they are more natural and intuitive as compared to the text search, and that’s the reason why voice search is representing itself as the exclusive trend to be followed in 2018 as per SEO point of view.

Focus More On Questions:

Questions that are started by “Why”, “What”, “Where”, “Who”, “When”, and “How” will help search engine to understand user’s queries more, and give them specific results in voice searches. People are more curious to know the world around them. Thus, being a marketing expert, you need to focus more on the question if you are planning to work according to voice searches and consider it an exclusive SEO trend to follow.

Include Local Listing:

It’s the second important aspect to rank high in voice searches. Thus, marketing experts need to emphasize on local business listing in their SEO strategies to meet user’s search needs. Confused?
Let’s take an example to explain this. Suppose, if a user types “best place to hang out near me”, then Google will map a list of destination that is locally famous for hangouts. However, as per search experts, on an average 50% of people search local business every day using voice search feature via their mobile.

Emphasis Keyword Length:

Keyword length, it is given the highest priority by SEO Experts which performing voice searches. Why it’s because most of the impressions and clicks were received from keywords that are 1-3 words long. It’s quite strange as the length of the questions is using more than 3 words. That’s the reason, why you need to target long tail keywords to optimize your site according to voice search.
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