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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Yes, you heard it right! By the end of 2018, Google Assistant will soon recognize your native language to give you a more personalized experience. In Google’s recent update, the company mentioned that the Assistant will be fledged with 8 new languages to make the count up to 30. Isn’t it a big new? So, from now onwards, you can speak in Hindi, Swedish, Dutch, Thai, Danish, Norwegian, and Indonesian in its first crop. What be the Eighth One? It’s still a mystery! Apart from this, it will also offer support individual support in multi-lingual aspects. In its first interval, multi-lingual support will be offered to the three languages of international level, i.e; German, English, and French.

Now, the question arises, will it be beneficial for SEO point of view or it’s just an update. Continue reading the post to get the answer.

Get Deeper Assistant Integrations:

It’s Google’s New Plan! It’s planning to integrate deep insights for Assistant not only on Android Phone but also with mobile carriers and Pixels, as well. At present, LG, Xiaomi, and Sony are a few devices that are fledged with this facility. Thus, from now onwards, carriers will be authorized to make use of this new feature to answer user’s queries in one go.
Isn’t it a good new? Yes, of course! Now, carriers will be able to offer instant support to the users in Zero response time. As per SEO point of view, it will be beneficial. How? Let’s wait and watch.

More Reminders & Routines To Follow:

Yes, Google is planning to expand its reach for routines and reminders. You will be able to access six more routines by the end of 2018. Google doesn’t explain much about it. But, according to the Digital marketing experts, users will be able to use location-based reminders that they set their Google’s Home. But, it’s only applicable when your phone is at some other place that’s related to your reminder.

Isn’t it hard to grab? It’s okay! Let’s understand this with the help of an example. Suppose, you set a reminder for a shopping list that includes grocery items, clothing, etc on Google’s Home. You will only get reminder notification when you are standing in a grocery store or any clothing stores.

Now, Is there any relevance for SEO? Let’s wait to see whether this update will be a beneficial update or not. Are you looking forward to getting more news/ updates? Then, stay connected with Flawless India Blog. We are full of exclusive updates to let you aware of your surroundings.